Estate Auctions

Estate Auctions

If you like attending estate sales, then you will LOVE participating in our online estate auctions! Assured Auction Auctioneers  regularly conduct estate auctions on behalf of fiduciaries, trustees, family estates, municipalities or for people moving out of state. All bidding takes place online over a period of several days so no more hassles with parking, over priced items, or rude people at estate sales and no more waiting for an auctioneer to get to the item you want in an auction!

If you have an estate or a house full of assets that you need to liquidate, you will love the way we conduct our estate auctions! Most of our estate auctions are held onsite which means you don't have to pay to have the items moved which intern saves you money while limiting the risk of damage. We also conduct our auctions online which means you don't have 200 people in your home at one time!

With the savings of having your items stay in the home and being online to the entire world for bidding, you will maximize your net return on the sale. Auction Nation also has the best rates in the business! We charge a percentage of the sale so we have a vested interest in the sale doing as well as possible!

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