Downsizing Services

Everything You Need to Downsize Your Life


If you’re thinking about downsizing, congratulations! Downsizing is a tremendous opportunity to simplify your lifestyle and better focus on what matters.

Downsizing is a lifestyle change that goes beyond just selling your house. Let us be your trusted partner. Assured Realty Solutions Downsizing & Estate Services can handle everything, while always keeping you in control and in the driver’s seat!

Every person’s situation is unique; therefore we offer our services in two different (but customizable) ways:

Integrated Real Estate and Downsize - We take on the entire challenge of selling your real estate and handle every last detail of your move. Your whole transition is managed under one roof by one company, keeping you up-to-date throughout the process.

Downsize Only - You choose what you need from our suite of services and we create the transition solution that’s right for you.

With Assured Realty Solutions Downsizing & Estate Services you make the decisions, you remain in control and we handle all the details. You move on with confidence knowing that your transition is handled with unconditional care.

Our Services Include:

Finding you a new home, condo, apartment or retirement community. 
Sorting, packing, overseeing your move and fully unpacking for you. 
Cleaning and preparing your home for sale (minor fixes, furniture staging etc.). 
Shipping assets to family members, even those living in different countries. 
Managing extra or unwanted assets that won’t be going into your new space by selling them in an efficient online auction format or via donation as appropriate. 
Getting you settled in your new home so it feels just as comfortable as your old one. 

Everything you need to establish your new lifestyle with confidence!



Off-set Costs By Selling Extra Assets

When going through a major life transition such as downsizing or settling an estate, you may have to deal with some extra or unwanted assets. Do you wonder if your assets may be valuable and worth selling? We can help.

Our Appraisal Services

Assured Realty Solutions Downsizing & Estate Services offers certified appraisals for insurance, probate, divorce and estate distribution purposes. We can work with a variety of property including antiques, collectibles, art, general merchandise and even commercial assets. Our educated staff members have years of experience ensuring that your appraisal will be professionally presented.

All appraisals are documented, researched and entered into the appropriate software, produced, supported, and bound professionally. All appraisals are done in the strictest of confidence and released only to you.

Liquidate Unwanted Assets and Free Up Their Value

As part of the downsizing process, Assured Realty Solutions Downsizing & Estate Services will manage the disposal, donation or sale of any extra assets.

We provide an online sales service that is a cost-efficient way to sell your extra assets on the internet. Don’t worry if you don’t like to use a computer, we’ll do all the work for you, and you’ll get a detailed, itemized summary of what each item sold for.

From evaluating your household goods, and other property contents, to providing you with the documentation and funds from the sale - you’ll find it convenient to have us manage the selling process.




An Integrated Approach to Estate Settlement

Settling an estate can be difficult and time consuming. If you are also grieving the loss of a loved one or live a great distance from the estate property, the process can become overwhelming.

Assured Downsizing & Estate Services have been serving estate executors and trustees for over 17 years across Wisconsin, in particular in the Greater Coulee Region. We recognize the unique challenges you face.

Let us be your trusted partner.

We can oversee all the tasks related to the house and its contents and estate appraisals. This includes the sale of real estate, distribution of bequeathed items, packing, shipping, disposition of assets, cleaning, property and yard maintenance, security issues and more. We also work with family members or beneficiaries.

The importance of completing estate appraisals rules for probate filing cannot be emphasized enough. Having all estate assets (real and personal property) properly appraised, helps get an estate trustee on the right track at the outset. When dealing with estates, Assured always provides true appraisals, rather than simple "opinions of value", which were more common historically. 

You benefit when your estate is managed by one company. Our integrated approach to estate settlement streamlines the process, simplifies decision making and increases returns to the estate. You can mourn your loss, administrate the process and move forward without being pressured.

We can also recommend to you experienced lawyers, accountants, financial planners and any other service providers you may require.

Our goal is to make the estate settlement process as stress-free and convenient as possible, and we do that with knowledgeable staff and valued services.