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We Look After Every Detail of Your Move 

Assured Realty Solutions Downsizing & Estate Services Brokerage is a one of a kind integrated real estate downsizing, move management and transition services provider.

That means we help you to realize the opportunity of selling your property, while handling every detail of your personal property.

Every day, we work for people downsizing, estate executors, and Power of Attorneys to help clients manage the real estate and personal property under their care.

Every one of our staff members are professional experts. 

We understand the important details, ask the key questions, and provide the most relevant and stress reduced solutions.

The best part is that helpful project management is included in our standard real estate commission, which you will find extremely competitive in price.

Imagine the advantage of working with a single company coordinating a range of valued services?

An integrated approach is more cost-effective and takes the pressure out of a complex, multi-stage process - like relocating to a new home and lifestyle.



We take the time to understand your lifestyle, what you are dealing with, what’s most important, your time goals, and where you feel you need the most help. This can begin on the phone with a conversation but is typically followed by an on-site in-person meeting (both are at no cost to you!).




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Downsizing can be an exciting stage of your new life, but finding the right home is essential for a successful transition. ARS helps you to find a new and comfortable home that is in-line with your lifestyle and budget.

We’ve successfully helped hundreds of people transition into new homes - finding everything from bungalows, apartments, condos, retirement and assisted living communities. View our listings and find out how ARS can help.




Making the Right Decision For Your Parents

Assured Realty Solutions Downsizing & Estate Services understands that many adults will be responsible for helping their parents move, despite having other responsibilities such as employment and children. This can be a difficult period, but ARS is here to help.

All of our staff are skilled in the challenges of downsizing or relocating to a different home and lifestyle. We understand the issues involved for families, change is sometimes difficult, and you’ll find us supportive and ready to help.

We help support you and your parents, answer everyone’s questions, and provide expert advice for decision-making.

Some of the stress of moving to a new home, especially for elderly parents, is the unknown and unfamiliar. On the other hand, change can also bring improvements to lifestyles, such as improved health care, social living aspects, new facilities, new neighbors and more. We listen to family concerns and aspirations and help with the transition.

As a care provider or family decision maker in this process - you’ll find it convenient to have one key contact to keep you informed on all the steps taking place in the move: from preparing to move, packing and selling household goods, selling a property, and relocating to a new residence.

We are your single-point of contact, and expert partner in the process. We will work with you to provide the best possible real estate, move management and downsizing solutions for your parents.




We Help Organize and Sell Your Possessions 

“There’s just way too much stuff in here.”

Have you ever found yourself saying these words as you scan the different rooms of your house? Often the large amount of possessions we have can make the thought of moving, especially into a smaller space, overwhelming. You find yourself wondering; “Where do I even begin?”

Living a full life usually means you’ve acquired many things; furniture, extra vehicles, holiday ornaments, collections, tools, books, kitchen appliances, dishes, linens, clothing, sporting equipment, camping gear, garden pots, and photos. The list goes on and on, not to mention the numerous items your grown children may have left behind, using their old bedrooms or your basement as their personal storage lockers.

When the time comes to move into a smaller house or retirement residence, don’t let the weight of your possessions, and the uncertainty of what to do with them, delay your future.

Choosing what to take to your new home can be tough, especially if you’ve lived in your current house for a long time. Assured Realty Solutions Downsizing & Estate Services will help you plan your new space, develop a floor plan and work with you to decide which pieces of furniture you can reasonably take.

Finally, we’ll help you make a list of what you plan to keep, as well as what you will bring with you to your new home.

Now that you’ve decided what to take, you will need to decide what to do with your excess possessions. You can give things to family or friends or donate them to your favorite charity. Many of your treasured possessions are still in great shape and are highly sought after by others and could fetch a nice price.

Assured Realty Solutions Downsizing & Estate Services works with an online auction company who are able to sell your possessions in an online auction setting. Unlike traditional garage sales or other online selling sites where you set a price a people barter it down, in an auction sale the price can only go up!

When you are considering downsizing your lifestyle anywhere in Wisconsin & Illinois - call us to discuss the opportunity. We can help make it all happen, so that you can enjoy a simpler, easier to manage lifestyle.


“We tried downsizing previously, it didn’t work for us, we had too much stuff. But Assured came in, and organized us because it was too overwhelming to do on our own. It made it a lot easier. Jennifer was excellent as our Broker and worked strictly for us. We received multiple offers, which we never expected and went for over the asking price. We were thrilled!” 

- Jan & Tim L.




Prioritize Your Physical and Emotional Health

Living in a retirement community is a great opportunity for you to prioritize your physical and emotional wellbeing, and the social aspect will make it even easier and more enjoyable to do so. You will be surprised at how good you will feel in welcoming new surroundings.

If you choose the right retirement community, you can be the most active you’ve been in years!

When selecting a retirement community, you should consider the range of activities and programs they have available. Every community is different, and the variety of possible activity options are too many to list. If you have specific interests, such as playing tennis, swimming or art classes, Assured Realty Solutions Downsizing & Estate Services can help you zero in on the right community.

If you are not sure what you want, then perhaps picking a community with a wide range of opportunities is best. So what kinds of activities, programs, and events are available?


Time to Exercise

Most communities offer some options for exercise, and often physiotherapy as well. They may have an exercise room and fitness programs geared toward their residents. Swimming is available in communities with pools, or as part of planned outings to public pools. Other options may include dance classes, yoga and other sports.


Social Programs 

Every community has some form of social program. It may involve competitive and social games like bridge, euchre, shuffleboard or bowling. They often have regular movie nights in a common room. Some communities have a bar or lounge area where people can congregate before or after a meal.

They may also have clubs for like-minded individuals to pursue activities such as: book clubs, crafts, knitting or singing. Other events could include wine and cheese parties, live music, bingo halls or special trips to festivals and celebrations. Community staff may also organize trips to see plays or concerts. If continuing education interests you, you could decide on a retirement home near a university or college.

For people looking to retire to a new location, for example a smaller town or cottage area - we can help evaluate the amenities in the area to match your needs. Retirement living often requires an eye on the budget, balanced with enhanced services, recreational and education opportunities, and reduced maintenance and property up-keep. We’ll help you find the right mix for your retirement lifestyle!


“I had been living alone in a big house in LaCrosse. Last winter I had a bad fall and wasn't able to fully use my arm. My brother wanted me to live closer to him in Colorado and found a wonderful Senior Apartment  for me at Winter Roads Retirement, he also helped me find Assureds. During the move Jennifer found a bag of missing jewelry that had been missing for years! I was grateful for her help, I wouldn't have been able to manage the move without them.” 

- Sandra M.




Providing a Trustworthy Support System

Looking after an estate can seem like a long and complicated process, but it doesn’t need to be. With the development of a transparent process and the addition of timely professional advice, the executor process will become much easier.

You may feel you are taking on the brunt of the work and dealing with fragile family dynamics during the decision-making process of closing an estate, but, in reality, a trustworthy support system will help ease this big task. Assured Realty Solutions Downsizing & Estate Services is here for you.


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